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Myrick Marine’s Industrial Division encompasses work requested by large companies – plants, mills, or similar businesses that own property or facilities on the water and need assistance in maintaining, constructing or removing structures. Projects range from dock repairs to outfall pipe systems, shoreline protection, and much more. Typically, these work sites will have limited public access, high security, as well as very detailed safety protocols including H2S monitoring, FR clothing, and hot work permits.

  • Georgia Ports Authority Fender System Repair

    We have completed several repairs to the fender system at both the Ocean Terminal in Savannah and the Container Berth in Garden City. General fender system repairs have included removal and replacement of steel H-pile, along with timbers, chains, and attaching hardware.

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  • Emergency Ship Repair

    Myrick Marine was called after hours to assist with the removal of the bolts holding a ship’s rudder. As this was an emergency repair, the replacement bolts had to be machined throughout the night, so the ship could sail the next day after regulatory agency inspections. As our crew is always on standby, even throughout […]

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  • Moran and Crescent Gangway System

    The Moran and Crescent Towing Companies contracted with designers Thomas & Hutton and Myrick Marine to solve the problem of getting on and off their boats at the different tide ranges. Tides can move as much as 9 plus feet in our area, so we provided this custom built product to meet these demands. With […]

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  • Steel H-Pile Mooring Dolphins

    Over the years, Myrick Marine has constructed several mooring dolphins on the  Savannah River. Recently, we installed two dolphins on the Savannah River for ships to tie up their head and stern lines. Each structure consisted of 10 HP14x73 Steel H-Piles that were each 80′ long driven with a diesel impact hammer to grade.

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  • Thunderbolt Marine 2012 Expansion

    Thunderbolt Marine located in Thunderbolt, GA recently initiated a project to expand the transfer pit used to move vessels on dollies via rail from one railway to another. Myrick Marine was chosen to drive the piling including 24 concrete piles that are 55′ long, as well as an additional 30 concrete piles that are 50′ […]

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  • Moran and Crescent Tugboat Dock

    Myrick Marine was asked to assist with construction of a tugboat dock, including an 800-ft long steel bulkhead for mooring of up to twelve tugboats with electrical and water service, along with a fire suppression system. This project, known as the Moran and Crescent Towing Facility, was conceived by two of the largest towing companies […]

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